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Weekly Delights #1

I’m thrilled to present the first article in the ‘weekly delights’ series!

I want to create for you guys a toolbox and fill it up with great sites, softwares and apps that you can use or get inspired from. In every ‘delight’ post i’ll recommend on one site, one app or software and one lecture or article.

So Lets gets started

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“Absolutely Crazy”

or why i decided to write a blog

A while ago i saw a video about the city ‘Ahmedabad’ which is located in India (Gujarat district). In this video one can see the Ahmedabad’s main streets in hour rush (which in my opinion is always :)) you get expose to the city’s unique driving atmosphere, looks like there are no rules whatsoever that apply on the drivers nor the pedestrians..A citizen living his entire life in the city describe this driving chaos as “absolutely crazy”.

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